If it is on the planet, we can find it and recover it!

Aircraft Marine Recovery offers investigation along with recovery and remarketing of your assets. Our team of experienced asset recovery specialists has over 35 years of experience in asset recovery, private investigation and the ability to remarket your assets effectively. Our services include:

1. Location of Assets. We are comprised of a group of companies that have the specialized skills needed to handle the international legalities and technicalities of this much more complex form of asset recovery. Our expertise lies in locating difficult-to-find offshore assets located anywhere in the world. Our investigative experience and network of international contacts enables us to perform extensive skip-tracing on these assets.

2. Recovery. Once located, our companies have professional helicopter and aircraft pilots experienced in flying all types of aircraft, from single engine to mulit-engine jets. Our marine staff includes licensed recovery agents, Coast Guard captains, and staff who are licensed as both Coast Guard Captains and recovery agents, all with extensive offshore experience. This team of professionals is ready to to recover your marine vessels, aircraft and special assets wherever they are located in the world.

3. Re-Marketing. Our affilate, Global Remarketing Group, finds buyers for your assets through our re-marketing services. Additionally, we are prepared to purchase your non-performing, collateralized loans or portfolios that you have charged off.

4. Aircraft and Vessel Valuations. We have the experience and remarketing expertise to provide you with an unbiased, accurate valuation for your aircraft or vessels.

You are invited to learn more about our services by reviewing our website and then contacting us to discuss your particular needs.


With the decline in today's economy, it appears that people are coming out of the woodwork to enter into this business. Even though a website or name looks like ours, or is similar in name to ours, it may not be our material.
To protect yourself, be sure to check insurances, certifications and licensing. Also make sure that YOUR work is NOT being subcontracted out. If it is, YOU may be liable for any litigation. We are the only company in this industry where the owners are merchant marine officers, pilots, yacht brokers, private investigators and recovery agents with long-standing records.
This NOTICE is to protect you! It's amazing that yacht brokers are now recovery agents, restaurant owners are yacht brokers, and even teenagers that are showing expensive yachts to prospective buyers ... You have high dollar collateral out there that is not being maintained, that is being used by agents in this industry for personal use, is being stored in non-appropriate areas (look like war zones), and anything else you can imagine. BEWARE!
Trust your recovery work to the experts. We have been in this industry longer then anyone else and will still be in this industry after others are gone.


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